YouTube Official Artist Channel Request

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Please note that your artist name on automatically generated channel and owned and operated channel must be identical.
This should be the URL of your self-created ‘owned and operated’ YouTube channel. This channel will need to contain at least one official music video and must only contain content from that artist – channels which curate other artist’s music (i.e. remixes) or multi-artist channels are not eligible for an OAC upgrade.
This must be the URL of your artist’s automatically generated topic channel. This needs to contain at least one release distributed via Distro Sync. For information on how to get a topic channel, please contact
Please include a link to one of your topic video URLs. You’ll need to ensure that this video has been distributed via Distro Sync. We will not be able to request OAC upgrades if at least one topic video has not been distributed through Distro Sync.
Please let us know the UPC of the release which matches the topic video you’ve provided above. Your UPC can be found just under the release title within your Distro Sync discography.