Why is my music on a Various Artists topic channel on YouTube?

Has your music ended up on a Various Artists channel rather than one under your artist’s name after uploading your music? Fear not!

When you upload your music to YouTube through a distributor like Distro Sync, to make it available for streaming on YouTube Music, you may notice it has ended up on a Various Artists channel. Don’t worry, YouTube hasn’t gotten confused and thought you’re someone else – this is quite common.

When your music first arrives on YouTube it will often be placed under a Various Artists topic channel. This should be updated within 30 days after it has been uploaded and so your music will eventually be placed under your own topic channel with your artist name.

If you’ve uploaded your music to YouTube Music with us at Distro Sync and are still seeing your music listed under Various Artists after a month, then please get in touch with our support team via a Support Ticket on the site or at support@distrosync.in so we can resolve the problem.

Once your music is correctly placed on your own topic channel, you can bring all of your music together onto one channel: your Official Artist Channel. This provides a one-stop hub for your fans and new listeners to discover all of your YouTube content including music videos, live recordings, demos, and the music you’ve uploaded through a distributor.

Find out more in the video below and fill out this form to apply for your own Official Artist Channel.